Growth Strategy

Hendy Consulting works extensively with start-ups,
recognizing they have very pressing growth
challenges. We work on enhancing the core value proposition, designing business models, negotiating key deals, finding partners and assisting in fund raising.

Start-up Growth Enhancement

Technology start-ups face immense growth challenges. Punching above their weight in markets with larger peers and growing rapidly without substantial capex requires real creativity in defining the value proposition and business model. Getting multiple rounds of financing from venture funding requires a small company to provide big-company-type financial and strategic analyses, something that they are often not set up to provide.

Hendy Consulting has worked with a number of technology start-ups in these critical areas. We have provided additional depth to marketing strategies, solved technical problems, supported funding processes with value chain and competitive assessments and laid out negotiating frameworks to allow small players to scope out and negotiate JDAs (Joint Development Agreements) with larger players.

Hendy Consulting gives smaller ventures access to effective, high impact, global consulting services provided by domain experts.

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