Partnering Strategy

Hendy Consulting can help you envision, establish and optimize international partnerships. We provide support in partner selection, deal scope development, valuation assessment, governance design and deal integration planning and execution.

Hendy Consulting has deep experience in envisioning and delivering major international partnerships. We believe that partnerships offer the potential to bring together new competencies and accessible markets and to deliver substantial economic benefits that outweigh the risks, so long as these are clearly understood and the deal well executed.

The Hendy Consulting partnering methodology starts by looking at the rationale for any partnership in detail. The best partnership options are those that bring strategic and cultural fit as well as delivering immediate economic value from cost or revenue synergies.

A detailed "alternatives analysis" is a critical step in the partner selection process, so that the optimum value creation candidates are selected and a negotiation framework built up. In this area, Hendy Consulting can lead a client through the important paradox in M&A: that the most value creating opportunity is often derived from finding the most undervalued and poorest performing asset.

Hendy Consulting also has specific experience in a number of multi-billion dollar, cross-border deals. We have looked at the questions of cross-border and sovereign risks and the issues common to investments in Asia and in the West.

The critical success factors in making these deals sustainable derive from an understanding of cultural and strategic fit, but also the impact of the performance metrics and the governance framework on the incentives of the leaders for the following years. Simple performance metrics and governance frameworks that lead to cooperation and to improvement of the business are the most successful, whereas complex deal structures or organization structures often lead to friction and sub-optimal performance.

Hendy Consulting can also provide a valuation support and integration planning capability. We have a network of highly financially literate consultants and managers and a deep understanding of valuation methods in high-risk technology markets.

We believe that post-merger integration planning is a critical exercise that is fundamentally about people. Our orientation that emphasises working alongside your people means that we are well placed to help you execute a merger integration assignment. Our combination of strategists and industry experts means we understand the implementation challenges in detail.

Systematic evaluation of the best partner from valuation, strategic fit and culture fit perspectives is absolutely critical to ensure a successful ongoing business relationship.

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